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International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.


Sports for All! Sports Free for All!! Gender Equality in Sports!!! Sports Equality!!! Non-Olympic Sports Equality !!!

The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is a sub-committee of International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) enables members of the all non-olympic sports & other sports, players and officials and sports related community to address the most pressing issues related to sports and its current and future impact on, sports federations, players, officials as well as society in a nonpolitical & political, casual setting. WNOSRUF-Working To Fight & Protect Sports Rights Worldwide. To know more about WNOSRUF, please visit at

The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is a neutral platform for communication and interaction between various circles directly or indirectly involved in the world of sports. Target groups are athletes, sports academies, sports clubs and sports organizations, sports fans families as well as suppliers and users of sports contents and rights from all economic areas, especially media and sports related industries. The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is also concentrated on the connection of sport and politics.

Besides professional sports mass sports are also of particular importance. The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) offers media companies and representatives of advertising and sponsoring orientated companies the annual opportunity to meet with suppliers of sports contents and rights. The outstanding location of the World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) in Lucknow, India enables the exchange of views and productive discussions in an informal atmosphere. It offers an ideal basis for the marketing of sports according to the requirements of our society.

The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is the opportunity to present and connect up to date concepts of sport from different countries and continents with visionary and creative ideas. Initiatives for new forms of advertising and marketing, new models of broadcasting of sports content via interactive (pay) TV or new models of online marketing via mobile and stationary broadband networks will find their starting point at the World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF).

At the World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) the divergent expectations of all "players" will be harmonized informally and include coordination of athletes needs. The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is the place for all parties with an interest in sports to initiate contracts and hence offers an ideal opportunity to enable co-operations, the coordination of desired developments in sport and the establishing or enforcement of new trends.

The World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF) is an organization bringing together sport, culture and youth organizations from across the globe. (WNOSRUF) believes that everyone should have the chance to participate in international activities such as festivals, exchanges and sports tournaments. We call this 'Sport and Culture for All'. Sport is not just about competition and exercise, but also involves having a good time and making friends, Moreover, sport regulates social behaviour and creates a feeling of belonging - which in turn leads to a strengthening of democracy.

UN's Secretary General Message

"Sport can play a role in improving the lives of individuals, not only individuals, I might add, but whole communities. I am convinced that the time is right to build on that understanding, to encourage governments, development agencies and communities to think how sport can be included more systematically in the plans to help children, particularly those living in the midst of poverty, disease and conflict."

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations Olympic Aid Roundtable Forum, Salt Lake City Olympic Games 2002

Please download the Standard Branch Constitution copy, Sample Bylaws Copy, District Branch Form, Member Registration Form, the following files are word file.

  1. Standard Branch Constitution
  2. Sample Bylaws
  3. District Branch Form
  4. Member Registration Form

To Contact to the office of the WNOSRUF, for any information or seeking persmission to create/introduce-WNOSRUF-Country Branch, WNOSRUF-Province Branch, WNOSRUF-District Branches, may kindly contact on the following address;

World Non-Olympic Sports Rights United Front (WNOSRUF)

Unit No. - Office 512,
Parsvnath Planet, TCG - 8/8 & 9/9 Vibhuti Khand,
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010
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E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]