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International Non-Olympic Committee

International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

IF Affiliation & Association

International Sports Federations - IFs Affiliation & Association

International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC's mission is to unite and support the International Sports Federations, hereby contributing to a strong and well organised international sports movement. The IF Recognition and Relations Unit helps to carry out this mission by overseeing the recognition process for international sports organisations as well as supporting members in their activities, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among members and protecting their common interests.

Recognition - Legitimacy, Authority and Universality
International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC has developed a standardised procedure for membership applications in order to ensure that each new Member is a well-organised federation and the legitimate governing body of its sport. Once a Member passes through the different levels of the membership application review, including a final decision on acceptance by the General Assembly/First Founder Member, the International Federation is recognised as the official governing body of a sport and will be considered the authority on all matters concerning its sport.

International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC unites the entities that govern and develop sport and is at the heart of all sport related issues on a practical, political, economic and developmental level. Members include a wide variety of International Sports Federations, ranging from Non-Olympic Sports, those that govern commercial sports and that are run by a professional administration to small federations that rely solely on volunteers.

Given this diversity, the International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC General Assembly/First Founder Member is in a unique position to assess any type of applicant organisation. This recognition gives legitimacy to International Sports Federations, which contributes to a well-functioning worldwide sports community.

Member Relations

One of International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC's main objectives is to support its Members through the provision of services and expertise in areas of common interest and importance to International Sports Federations. International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC aims to bring these federations together to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices to enhance the operational capacity and ethical conduct of the sports movement.

By creating and monitoring International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC initiated services and projects such as the management of IF doping-free sport programs, tools to achieve good governance to give a few examples, the International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC Members significantly contribute to a dynamic and well-functioning sport movement, extending their reach far beyond the boundaries of their respective organisations.

International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC uses its position as an umbrella organisation within the international community to fully represent its Members, by voicing their concerns, defending and promoting their interests and by facilitating partnerships. International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC works closely with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation-OIC, the United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe (CE) and the European Union (EU), The Arab League (The League of Arab States), African Union (AU), to ensure that Members are well represented and kept informed of sports-related developments within these organisations.