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International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

Welcome to Non-Olympic TV Channel - (YouTube)

It is a matter of great pride for the World and ofcourse for All sports family, companies of the world that a Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA affiliated with the International Non-Olympic Committee has started also the Sports TV Channel in the name of "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) one of the branch of the "Non-Olympic Times (NOT), the quarterly newspaper and come to forced on 2010 under the registration of (Information & broadcasting ministry, Govt. of India). for more information please visit government website and administration of Non-Olympic Times is Prof. Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI has taken a charge as Editor-in-Chief of Non-Olympic Times & Non-Olympic TV Channel (YouTube) and Mr. N.Thiyagu Nagaraj has taken a in-charge of Publisher (for more about newspaper, please visit at and look at; YouTube TV Channel :  Non-Olympic TV Channel

The "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) & Non-Olympic Times is an English-language and started in the year 2021 with over 100 of Reporters throughtout India in every districts to over-up all sports activities, and events and news as well as inverviews with sports persons, officials, sports administrators,Non-Olympic Sports and its family and as well as governments who control sports in the states etc. The INOC and INOA has planned to first setup print and electronic media in India after successful implementation of the project in India than it will start individual countries of the world, the INOC and INOA has also planned to setup a Satalite TV Channel (Non-Olympic TV Channel) too. The Global Investors are welcome and they can e-mail their any kind of interest to be partner of this dream proejct to ; :  [email protected]). The Non Olympic TV Channel offers an important option that we are support all peoples / groups, So we welcome all peoples to join in our "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) as an International Advisors to develop our "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube). The "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) will obey the International Non-Olympic Committee rules and regulation and helps to develop Non-Olympic Sports till the Non-Olympic Sports will get international recognition.

Therefore, we would like to invite All World sports family, companies to join-hand & work together under an "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) and Non-Olympic Times i.e. Print & Electronic Media to promote great advertisements, marketing in your respective area as well as neighboring states and countries or please recommend some one who can introduce International advisors(open to all) and dynamic State reporters(only for Indian) under the auspices of the "Non-Olympic TV Channel" (YouTube) and Non-Olympic Times.

For know more about the Non-OLympic Print and Electronic Media, please logon at :