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International Non-Olympic Committee

International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

National Non-Olympic Committees-NNOCs

The INOC mission of the National Non-Olympic Committees-NNOCs is to develop, promote and protect the Non-Olympic Movement in their respective countries.

The National Non-Olympic Committees-NNOCs promote the fundamental principles of Non-Olympism at a national level within the framework of sports. The National Non-Olympic Committees-NNOCs are committed to the development of athletes and support the development of sport for all programmes and high performance sport in their countries. They also participate in the training of sports administrators by organising educational programmes.

Another objective of the National Non-Olympic Committees-NNOCs is to ensure that athletes from their respective nations attend the Non-Olympic Games. Only a NNOC is able to select and send teams and competitors for participation in the Non-Olympic Games.

The National Non-Olympic Committees also supervise the preliminary selection of potential bid cities. Before a candidate city can compete against those in other countries, it first must win the selection process by the NNOC in its own country. The National Non-Olympic Committee can then name that city to the INOC as a candidate to host the Non-Olympic Games.

National Non-Olympic Committees Worldwide :

The following countries will have National Non-Olympic Committee-NNOCs, which are identified in 254 Countries, and would be recognised Worldwide and more NNOCs to be added into INOC Charter soon !!

NOTE : Many National Non-Olympic Committee-NNOCs can be replaced with new National Non-Olympic Committee-NNOCs due to non-parformance in few Countries.

For more information, please contact the INOC Office and send e-mail at : [email protected] . Kindly read terms of Membership to open National Non-Olympic Committee-NNOC in un-represented Country. Click Here .

To make an Official Application, please download the Application Form, Click Here NNOC Application Form (pdf file)