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International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

Welcome to Non-Olympic Times (NOT) - Quarterly Newspaper

It is a matter of great pride for the World and ofcourse for All sport family, companies of the world that a International Non-Olympic Committee has started the quarterly newspaper in the name of Non-Olympic Times (NOT) and come to forced on 2010 under the registration of (Information & broadcasting ministry, Govt. of India). for more information please visit government website and administration of Non-Olympic Times is Prof. Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI has taken a charge as Editor of Non-Olympic Times and Mr. N.Thiyagu has taken a in-charge of Publisher (for more about newspaper, please visit at :

The Non-Olympic Times is an English-language quarterly newspaper published started in the year 2010 With a circulation of 100 copies,The first issue of The Non-Olympic Times was published on Nov'2010. When we are thinking that in all over the world the many newspapers are there but our Non-Olympic Times newspaper is differs from all, we published all news except political so we requested all peoples to send their news to (e-mail :  [email protected]). Non-Olympic Times offers an important option that we are support all peoples / groups , So we welcome all peoples to join in our newspaper as a International Advisors to develop our newspaper .The Non-Olympic Times will obey the International Non-Olympic Committee rules and regulation and helps to develop Non-Olympic Sports till the Non-Olympic Sports will get international recognition.

Therefore, we would like to invite All World sports family, companies to join-hand & work together under an Non-Olympic Times i.e. newspaper promote great advertisements, marketing in your respective area as well as neighboring states and countries or please recommend some one who can introduce International advisors(open to all) and dynamic State reporters(only for Indian) under the auspices of the Non-Olympic Times.

For know more about the newspaper, please logon at :