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International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

National Universities

National University under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model

The International Non-Olympic University - INOU has an opinion that INOU should have its physical campus in each country of the world.

Through distance education, student from any country can take admission online and study online too, but as far as regular education is concerned, physical campus is requires in each country of the world, in the largest interest of the students and global education as well as standardization of education worldwide, the INOU has adopted innovative educational project, which gives every country a physical campus as a "National University" national branch of the International Non-Olympic University - INOU Under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model.  ( To Know More, Click Here)

For example ;

* America Non-Olympic University, * France Non-Olympic University, * Singapore Non-Olympic University, * Iran Non-Olympic University etc.

The International Non-Olympic University - INOU has adopted innovative project i.e. National Non-Olympic University set-up for each country of the world, and inviting interested parties which includes; individuals, Professors, Educational Institutes, and Bodies, Corporate Sectors, and Government Sectors etc., can send an official Expression of Interest (EOI) to open a National Non-Olympic University - NNOU in the country.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) can be sent to Global Head - International Non-Olympic University -INOC on the following e-mail : [email protected] .

For any queries, you may please write to: [email protected]