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International Non-Olympic Committee

International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

Welcome to Noble World Records (NWR) - Noble Book of World Records

The Noble World Records (NWR) is the non-profit organization behind the Noble World Records (NWR). NWR is to encourage & assist young people talents with extraordinary performance which is documenting human and natural world records through Noble Book of World Records. :

Noble World Records (NWR) is another branch of the Non-Olympic Times. which is launched in INDIA & MAURITIUS in the year 2018; it is the second largest organization in the world after Guinness World Records. The NWR has been endorsed by the endorsed by International Noble Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (INPPRF) & Indo-OIC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UN supporting Organization).

The Noble World Records (NWR) offers an important option that we are support all peoples / groups, So we welcome all peoples to join in our Noble Book of World Records as a Country Director to develop our Noble World Records (NWR). The Noble World Records (NWR) will obey the International Non-Olympic Committee rules and regulation and helps to develop Non-Olympic Sports till the Non-Olympic Sports will get international recognition.

Therefore, we would like to invite All World sports family, companies to join-hand & work together under an Noble World Records (NWR) i.e. Noble Book of World Records to promote great advertisements, marketing in your respective area as well as neighboring states and countries or please recommend some one who can introduce Country Directors (open to all) and dynamic State reporters (All over the World) under the auspices of the Noble World Records (NWR).

For know more about the Noble World Records (NWR), please logon at : ; e-mail : [email protected].